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Hortilux uses Mendix-powered application to digitise greenhouses

Grow light maker shifts from product to digitally enabled service to support greenhouse growers Powered by WPeMatico

december 8, 2017 0

Tieto wins Stockholm’s multimillion IT outsourcing contract

Swedish capital switches IT services provider after “administrative error” ruled original contractor out of agreement Powered by WPeMatico

december 8, 2017 0

Next-gen Mirai botnet sparks calls for more secure IoT design

News of a 100,000 device strong IoT botnet that could cripple the internet has sparked a fresh call for manufacturers of IoT devices to do more to ensure they cannot be hijacked for malicious purposes Powered by WPeMatico

december 7, 2017 0

How to attract investors for your enterprise software startup

Are you looking to find an investor for your enterprise software company? This expert advice explains what investors will be looking to find in an innovative software business seeking backing Powered by WPeMatico

december 7, 2017 0

Security Think Tank: Ensure incident response in the face of inevitable messaging leaks

What criteria should organisations use to assess the security of smartphone messaging apps and how can they ensure only approved apps are used by employees? Powered by WPeMatico

december 7, 2017 0

Andromeda mastermind Sergey Jarets jailed, say security researchers

Security researchers say they believe that a hacker arrested by Belarus police is Andromeda botnet mastermind Sergey Jarets Powered by WPeMatico

december 7, 2017 0

CIO interview: Carlos Abarca, TSB

Carlos Abarca is guiding TSB through its migration from systems hosted by a competitor to a digitally focused in-house core banking platform. Powered by WPeMatico

december 7, 2017 0

Mayor of London opens Bangalore office to strengthen links with Indian businesses

City of London’s office in India’s tech hub aims to promote Indian investment and IT jobs in UK capital Powered by WPeMatico

december 7, 2017 0

#212 Adam Perlow & Asher Manning: Zen Protocol – A Decentralized Financial System

We were joined by Founder Adam Perlow and Developer Asher Manning of Zen, a public blockchain project focused on building a decentralized financial system. The core premise of Zen is that none of the public blockchain networks are focused on financial asset. Zen is aiming to fill that gap through a Bitcoin-like UTXO architecture that…
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december 7, 2017 0

London colocation market on course for record-breaking year of take-up, CBRE data shows

CBRE quarterly report into European colocation growth trends shows demand for London datacentre space is holding firm in the face of Brexit Powered by WPeMatico

december 6, 2017 0