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UK urged to up spending on cyber defence

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januari 23, 2018 0

Let’s Talk Bitcoin! #352 – Lightning in Real Life

On Today’s Episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin… Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan, Andreas Antonopoulous and Adam B. Levine kick off 2018 with a wide ranging conversation about… 1 – Lightning Network in Real Life, Today; and what we might see at mainnet launch 2 – BitConnect Failure. Lessons, Fallout, Rules of Thumb to avoid. 3 –…
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januari 22, 2018 0

Create security culture to boost cyber defences, says Troy Hunt

Security suffers when there is tension between software developers and security professionals, but it is common in many organisations, says world-renowned security blogger and trainer Powered by WPeMatico

januari 19, 2018 0

Nordic IT executive interview: Daniel Kjellén, CEO, Tink

Sweden could have a head start in the race to open up banking through the European Union’s PSD2 regulation Powered by WPeMatico

januari 19, 2018 0

451 Research shines light on how enterprise attitudes to digital transformation are evolving

Enterprises are capitalising on their infrastructure upgrades and are increasing their use of cloud to take advantage of emerging technologies and accelerate business change, says 451 Research Powered by WPeMatico

januari 19, 2018 0

Next-gen Mirai botnet targets cryptocurrency mining operations

A variant of the Satori botnet, a successor of the IoT device hijacking Mirai botnet, is designed to hijack cryptocurrency mining operations, syphoning off newly created digital coins Powered by WPeMatico

januari 19, 2018 0

Business needs to reduce cyber threat to payment card data

Cardholder data is a prime target for cyber criminals, and that is only likely to increase in the coming year, according to a cloud-based secure payments firm Powered by WPeMatico

januari 18, 2018 0

Private cloud storage 101: Key components and hardware options

Private cloud makes consumption of storage easier for the user and simplifies delivery for the IT department. We walk through the key components and the platform choices Powered by WPeMatico

januari 18, 2018 0